Fax 2 Email

Fax 2 Email

Tired of paying for a second phone for a fax line?wheatland_img_fax-2-email

Sign up for our Fax 2 Email service for only $10 a month!


How it Works

  • You get a Scott City phone number for your incoming fax line
  • Someone sends you a fax
  • Our system converts the fax into a PDF file
  • Our system sends you the PDF in an email
  • Open the PDF file with Acrobat reader to view or print your fax


To Sign Up

  • Call us at 1-866-872-0006 or 620-872-0006
  • Tell us which email address to send your faxes to
  • Only $10 a month added to your monthly bill


To view and print your PDF faxes, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software.